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How does one acquire these fab things?
I am a teacher.
I will bring my things to you so
we all can create.
I will bring my things to you so you all can shop.
I do custom work!!
What I do:
I am an artist, a teacher, a creator. I make glass, beads, jewelry, corsets, bread,
pickles, messes, clothes, scarves, purses, belts, and other functional and
non-functional things. I also paint and draw.
Glow Baby
Sometimes I take things
and make them into other
things. I also like to crochet.
I design and create jewelry- lots
from recycled vintage jewelry.
Bridal jewelry, Special Occasion Jewelry
REcycle REuse REcreate your gramma's, aunty's, or even your own jewelry
Baby clothes, hats, blankets
Crochet hats, scarves, glovettes
Glass objects, paperweights, centerpieces
If I don't do it-- I know someone who does!
Everything is available for purchase. Yay!

I can be reached by e-mail,
info@wildeyedstar.com or
through my etsy website:
I take PAYPAL, or credit cards.

I also do custom work, and many of my items
are adjustable, or I can change the size
easily. But, many of my things are one of a
kind, and cannot be altered.

This is me.
I also blow glass.
I also have a contemporary line of
fine jewelry. All precious and
semi-precious stone with gold filled
and sterling silver.
Chrysophase Flower Necklace
REcycled vintage Flowers
Felted Hat
These used to be
sweaters. Now its a hat.