:: About Me ::
Who I am
I like to create and learn and teach. I make cookies, bread, pickles, clothes,
messes, pictures, friends, memories, jewelry and happiness.

I find my inspiration from nature, thrift stores, animals, flea markets,
Martha, my great friends/artists, and generally the world around me.

I have a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

I have been teaching since I was 15, sewing since I was 5, beading since I
as 11, learning since I opened my eyes.

I love to teach, learn, and create. And everyone else should love it too!
I have 2 cats. I don't like peppers. I can't snap. I can whistle. I like to run.
I am a vegetarian. I have 7 tattoos. I have high arches, but flat feet. I used
to be allergic to chocolate!!!! I have some great pickle recipes. I like to
crochet, but not knit. I have 3 cats that my mom takes care for me
because I could not handle 5!
My favorite color is hot cobalt, and if you
don't blow glass, my other favorite color is brown.
Upcoming Things:
Check out my  friend's site:
My good friend, and old studio
manager's site:

I am doing the One of A
Kind Show, at the
Merchandise Mart,
December 2010!!!
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for more of my work!
Other Cool Stuff:
I use as much recycled, reused, and found things that I can.
My mosaic work is beads,  toys, found objects, ceramic,  and recycled glass
from the studio.
My one of a kind jewelry is of recycled and vintage pieces that have been re-
worked, re-utilized, or completely re-created. I do not use NEW pearls,
leather, fur or other animal products. I will not support the continued killing
of animals for our pleasure. (Except silk and wool... I'm working on that
justification.)The materials are listed extensively on my etsy site--

At the studio, we recycled as much as 99% of the glass, and made lots of
blue glass. You can look at Kit's work, as well as some of mine to see it.
Work I make
If you want to look at more glass: